Submission Requirements

      • Submissions may include: paintings, drawings, sculpture, murals, glasswork, woodwork, fiber work, metalwork, prose, music, comedy, dance, theater, transformational success story, or similar work that is inspired by the most beautiful and positive aspects of cannabis;
      • Art should represent creative brilliance and positivity in its message;
      • Artist must be able to grant legal permission to use all materials and content you submit on our website / or acknowledge no intellectual property (IP) exist that would prohibit our use of your artwork;
      • There is a significant connection to your inspiration as an artist and a cannabis product;
      • Linked to a particular strain or product by a specific cultivator, or processor, and dispensary within your state (Optional, but highly encouraged as we will include the strain name, lineage, cultivator, images, and lab profile for each entry).

Art Submission Form

Artist Submission and Release Waiver
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