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Celebrating the Beauty and Creativity of Cannabis Created by the Maryland Cannabis Community

Creativity. Beauty. Community. Opportunity.

Cannabis Creative is a visually stunning art book series that revels in the joy and creativity of cannabis. We collect, select and showcase the very best displays of creativity made by local cannabis consumers in each state. We’re now accepting online art submissions for our first-ever Cannabis Creative book, the Maryland Edition!

More than Just a Book.

Cannabis Creative offers its audience a celebration of art, beauty, knowledge and a community of people who appreciate the merging of artistic brilliance and the legal use of cannabis. To the contributors we hope to provide exposure of their brilliance to a national stage. To the medical cannabis patients, we offer education and information in order to make informed product choices.

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Submit your creative works of art: paintings, drawings, sculpture, murals, glass work, wood work, fiber work, metal work, prose, music, comedy, dance, theater and transformational success stories. The main criteria is that each piece was inspired by, through the use of, or made possible due to cannabis, including CBD. We’re on a mission to raise awareness, educate, and offer you, the artist, an opportunity to benefit from our mission and submit your artwork for consideration in our first-ever Cannabis Creative book.

Submission Requirements

  • Submissions may include: paintings, drawings, sculpture, murals, glass work, wood work, fiber work, metal work, prose, music, comedy, dance, theater, transformational success story, or similar work that is inspired by the most beautiful and positive aspects of cannabis;
  • Art should represent creative brilliance and positivity in its message;
  • Artist must be able to grant legal permission to use all materials and content you submit on our website / or acknowledge no intellectual property (IP) exist that would prohibit our use of your artwork;
  • There is a significant connection to your inspiration as an artist and a cannabis product;
  • Linked to a particular strain or product by a specific cultivator, or processor, and dispensary within the state (Optional, but highly encouraged as we will include the strain name, lineage, cultivator, images, and lab profile for each entry).

Submission Process

  1. Complete the following submission release form.
  2. Provide a description of the submission, necessary copyright data, and brief story of how it relates to cannabis.
  3. Upload up to 3 high resolution images or documents that accurately represent the artwork. 
  4. Open Submissions will close June 15, 2019.
  5. Selection team will review and select the best 20-30 submissions to be included in the current volume of the book.
  6. Selected artists will be contacted no later than June 25, 2019 to arrange a date for an interview, photography and to sign Artist Licensing Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Selected artists will each receive $500 for the use of their art and an additional $1500 if book sales exceed 15,000 copies.

The Creative Cannabis team lives in Maryland and DC, so we started here. Moving forward, we will travel to new states in the order in which Cannabis was legalized in the state. So, California will be next and then a new state at a rate of 3 to 4 states per year, until we cover all 50 states, Puerto Rico, D.C., and all of the Atlantic and Pacific US Protectorates. By the time we have published volumes for the 33 states and D.C. which already have cannabis use laws, we are confident that cannabis will be federally legalized and descheduled.

What do you consider art? Art is subjective, we have a diverse team of creatives on our selection team who understand that and will evaluate the submissions based mainly on the ability of the art to communicate its beauty and massage in the print format. Creative works could include, but should not be limited to: paintings, drawings, sculpture, murals, glass work, wood work, fiber work, metal work, tattoos, architecture, prose, sheet music, comedy, dance, theater and transformational success stories.

Accepted submissions will be rated on several weighted criteria:

      • Artistic excellence, creativity, & suitability for print. (60%)
      • Background story and representation of cannabis (20%)
      • Novelty and uniqueness vs. other submissions (10%)
      • Diversity of artistic style, artist, and format (10%)

We are aiming for a diverse, inclusive and representative selection of art. We know that not everyone shares the same perceptions, we would like to reach to broadest range possible in hopes that at least something resonates with any reader and inspires them by example.

Our core values are Creativity, Beauty, Community and Opportunity.


We believe in the expression, creativity and personal transformation that cannabis gives many of us access to. Steve Jobs attributes some of his creative inspiration to the use of psychedelics and for those of who use cannabis know this to be well within the realm of possibility, just listen to us solve world hunger while staring at a campfire. For some of us, we were creative to begin with, but pain and trauma blocked our ability to create our art, until cannabis brought us the relief we needed to heal. Every story is different, but it is possible that it is similar to yours.


How creativity manifests in each person is uniquely individual, which to us, is uniquely beautiful, but that is precisely one of the key messages. There is beauty and power in diversity; language alone is a poor medium to convey truth, only personal experience comes close; art is subjective, thus the experience of it is our own to understand.


Connection and community are fundamental values of cannabis culture. We come to cannabis from different backgrounds and for different reasons; but through cannabis share common ground. Any point on which we can agree on is a starting point for communication and peace. Any reasonable path to peace and love is one that should be explored. We also know that cannabis itself is not going to be appropriate for everyone, but other folks may resonate with particular stories and through them discover a new strain or product that may bring them a better quality of life.


In the journey to create the book series, we found that not all creatives know how to or have access to the means to make a living from their art. We hope that this book series will give exposure to aspiring and talented artists in each state. We will give each artist an email address that our readers may use to contact them to purchase art or arrange other opportunities. We believe that each of us has an awesome and necessary role to play in the world, if creativity is part of that purpose, it is worth exploring.

No. In addition to the artistic pieces, there will be several other editorial and educational segments. These will differ book to book but may include the current state of cannabis in that particular state at the time of publishing; summarize the latest research or science; highlight social movements related to cannabis; or educate consumers about dosing, titration and safe use. Additionally, the editorial pieces in each volume in the series will have a different theme; Maryland’s will look at cannabis role in integrated health, as well as it role in facilitating traumatic growth in those who suffer from PTSD, such as veterans and survivors of abuse. It is not written yet, but California’s is shaping up to focus on the cultural heritage of cannabis, strain lineage and the legacy of the pot pioneers who paved the way for legalization.

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